Our Favorite Summertime Crochet Inspiration

Our Favorite Summertime Crochet Inspiration

Crochet and knitting may have a reputation as cold weather crafts, but don’t be fooled—it doesn’t need to be sweater weather for you to delight in a cozy crochet project! There are loads of crochet patterns perfect for summer, ready to be thrown in your beach bag, carry on, or accompany you on a road trip. Here’s a round up of some recent summertime crochet inspiration we found on Instagram. 

Please note that if a pattern is available it is linked. If no pattern is linked, we are sharing for inspiration only.

1. Mushroom Fairy Ring - Marianne Seiman

crochet mushroom pattern

These sweet crochet mushrooms are a wonderful beginner project. We love the idea of crocheting a swath of different colors and styles and arranging them in a magic fairy ring, just as Marianne did in her instagram post!

Pattern available: Button Mushroom and Chanterelle Mushroom


2. Iris Mosaic - Alexis Sixel

crochet iris mosaic pattern

If you wish you could preserve the beauty of a blooming flower all year long, crochet one! Mosaic crochet creates a beautiful, tapestry-like pattern that can be made into placemats, pillows, or single pieces of art. We love the striking purple of this mosaic iris. 

Pattern available: Irises


3. Cowboy Dog Bandanas - Boot Scootin' Crochet

crochet dog bandanas

If you don't already follow @bootscootincrochet on Instagram, you're missing out. These adorable and fashionable little cowboys wearing granny square crochet bandanas are always a highlight of our Instagram feed.

No pattern is available, but pre-made bandanas can be ordered. We especially love these rainbow options available for pride month! 


4. Graduation Bunny - Tiffany Crochet Diary

graduation bunny crochet pattern

If there's a beloved graduate in your life, consider crocheting them an adorable graduating bunny! A small and thoughtful hand-made gift is a lovely way to mark a significant life event like graduation. 

Pattern available: Graduation Bunny Crochet Pattern


5. Child's Crown and Star Wand - Twinkie Chan

crochet crown and wand pattern

This soft, cozy crown and wand would make a magical additional to any child's dress up bin! Perfect for a whimsical birthday party, or any time a special accessory is in order. 

Pattern available: This Child's Crown and Star Wand was designed for a course on Creativebug. Both the pattern and step-by-step video instructions are available.  


6. Strawberry - Lulu's Little Shop

strawberry crochet pattern

Sometimes, the only excuse you need to make something is that it's cute. Take these little strawberries. Instead of asking "why do I need that?", ask the more appropriate question of "why do I NOT need that?", and delight in the joy of crocheting something simply for the fun of it!

Pattern available: Crochet Strawberry (with video instruction)


7. Ruffle Daisy Bucket Hat - By Tay Ofo

ruffle crochet bucket hat

We love the bright colors and bold ruffle in this crochet bucket hat! Perfect for a sunny day at the beach, or a stroll through town when it's too hot to wear your favorite crochet sweater. 


8. Tiny Kitty Pouch - Nastja Crochets

crochet kitty pouch 

This teeny tiny kitty pouch has us thinking of all the cute amigurumi opportunities there are beyond the basic stuffed animal. A Marty the duck stuffie turned coin purse? Genius!


9. Capri Mesh Top - Crochet Creations

crochet mesh top

If you're interested in learning to crochet your own clothing, this easy mesh tank is a great place to start! We love the breezy open texture and butter yellow color of this summery top. 

Pattern available: Capri Top


Feeling inspired to start crocheting but need a little extra support? Our Learn to Crochet Kit has everything you need to make your first project from start to finish, including step-by-step video instructions. Come join us!