Our Team

Meet the people behind Zollie and Gist Yarn! We work hard every day to create products that weavers and makers will be proud to bring into their homes. 

Sarah Resnick


Grace Casey-Gouin

Creative Director

LaChaun Moore

Residency Director and Media Producer

Susie Martinez

E-Commerce Director

Anna Friss

Customer Service and Marketing Coordinator

Vale Cabezas

Procurement Director

Our Story

Hi there! I’m Sarah, founder of Zollie, and our sister brand Gist Yarn. In 2022, I was desperate for a creative outlet and looking to reclaim some time for myself in the midst of a challenging postpartum recovery. I started to explore stitching and crochet in small bursts between caring for my children. The experience of learning something new with my hands was both grounding and empowering during that transitional period. 

At the same time, I was watching my older daughter become entranced with learning origami through YouTube videos. It brought me right back to my friend’s grandmother teaching me how to knit when I was seven, and the lifelong love for yarn and fiber crafts that followed. When you realize you can learn to make something you love with your own two hands, so many new things feel possible. 

I knew I wanted to help others experience that same spark, and I also knew that learning something new on your own can be intimidating. And so, Zollie was born—a line of artist-designed beginner fiber craft kits to meet makers of all ages exactly where they are. Our kits come with step-by-step video and written instructions that will guide you through a series of projects, building your skills and confidence as you go. When you finish a Zollie kit, you’ll know how to read and understand a pattern, and be prepared to dive deeper into the craft. 

Zollie kits include 100% cotton and wool yarn from our sister company Gist Yarn—all grown, spun, and dyed in the United States. Since opening as a small weaving yarn shop in 2017, Gist Yarn has become widely known in the weaving community as a source for quality yarn and weaving patterns. We are excited to bring our yarn to the wider making community through our Zollie kits. Thank you for being here!