Palette Scout

Cultivate Color Confidence

Ready to feel confident in your color choices? Palette Scout helps you experiment with different color palettes so you can plan your next project with confidence, or simply delight in the joy of color play!

Fall in Love with Knitting

Discover the joy of knitting with our beginner-friendly course and kit taught by Grace Casey-Gouin. Follow the step-by-step videos at your own pace, practicing your skills over three projects. When you're done you'll have the skills and confidence you need to carry on a lifelong love of knitting!

Pattern Bundles

If you've completed a beginner kit and are looking for your next project—our pattern bundles are for you!

Array: Your New Favorite Yarn for Stitching

Whether you're a seasoned stitcher exploring new materials and curious about wool, or a newbie wondering what to choose to start your journey with embroidery, cross stitch, or needlework, here are four reasons you’re going to love Array Wool.

DIY Project Bag

DIY Project Bags

A bag for all the things! Whether it's yarn, WIPs, or art supplies you want to store, this bag can hold it all. Make it your own by choosing a color of Array and stitching in the blank, or adding embellishments all over! 


"An online course in a box!

I was astounded to realize the complete video instruction that comes with the kit. I felt like I had a whole online course in that box. The videos really make it an amazing product. The tools, yarn, box, and brochure are excellent and the videos put it way over the top."