Found Knit-spiration

Found Knit-spiration

There’s so much to love about knitting. Here at Zollie, we dream of a world where it’s just as common to hear the click clack of knitting needles on public transportation as the tap tap of fingers on a phone keyboard. Step one in making this dream a reality is for all of us to START KNITTING more! 

Searching for somewhere to begin? Look no further. Our Learn to Knit Kit has everything you need to build your skillset, including step-by-step video tutorials. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the world of knitting is yours to explore! 

To help you see just how much is possible on your knitting journey, we’ve rounded up some inspirational knits that have made it into our personal Instagram "Saved" folder.

Please note that any available patterns for the following knits are linked throughout. If no pattern is linked it is unavailable, and have shared for inspirational purposes only. 


1. New Wave Knitting - Staple Sock Pattern

red and purple striped hand knit sock

This pattern is nothing short of magical. A cuff-down knit, the Staple Sock is uniquely customizable to your foot and leg measurements, and (with a bit of simple math) is designed to let you use any kind of yarn. Simply brilliant.

Pattern Available: New Wave Knitting


2. Sólveig Hanson - Stranger in the Alps Mitts

stranger in the alps hand knit mitts

Created as a custom piece by designer Sólveig Hanson, these fingerless mitts are a work of art. The fiber portrait of Phoebe Bridger’s album Stranger in the Alps is unique, clever, impeccably rendered, and yes, is inspiring us to turn all of our favorite albums into knitted sweaters.


3. Gera Knits - Spot Sweater

hand knit spot sweater in brown gradient

A comment on Gera’s Instagram post reads “you’re a wizard with colour,” and we couldn’t agree more. Not only is this Spot Sweater (pattern by Anne Ventzel) a wonderfully satisfying gradient, but Gera knit it completely out of scrap yarn.

Pattern Available: Ravelry 


4. Emmas Knits - Sweet Shop Blanket

geometric hand knit blanket in earthy tones

Is there anything cozier than wrapping yourself in a hand-knit blanket? In her caption, Emma writes “I love adding yarns that have meaning or remind me of something.” We love the vaguely quilt-like geometric shaping of this Sweet Shop Blanket (pattern by Laura Penrose), but we love the idea of imbuing the blanket with sentimental yarn swatches even more. 

Pattern Available: Ravelry


5. Stitching At Dusk - Frog and Toad Sweater

frog and toad graphic hand knit sweater

Beloved by all, Frog and Toad is a sweet story of friendship that stands the test of time. It’s hard to look at this knitted sweater without smiling and feeling a sense of comfort; exactly the response a hand knit sweater should elicit.

Frog and Toad Graphic Pattern Available: Ko-Fi


6. Ingthings - Knitted Pencils

hand knit pencils in ranbow colors

The realm of knitting possibilities extends beyond wearables. Take, for example, these adorable knitted pencils. Ingrid writes, “When my grandson Timo saw a few of them he asked; Why did you make them, I said because I liked to make them.” We love this reminder that creativity doesn’t have to be practical or utilitarian. It can simply be fun!


7. Smoco Goods - Chūrippu Crewneck

hand knit crewneck by smoco goods

This sweater by Smoco Goods has us thinking Spring! The Chūrippu Crewneck is knitted in earthy brown mohair, but features a jolt of blue from its detailed crochet flower embellishment. A truly unique and highly covetable handmade knit!


8. Le Pull - Chunky Easy Beanie

chunky easy beanie on dog and owner

 Matching beanies for you and your dog. Need we say more? 

Dog Beanie Pattern Available: Ravelry

Adult Beanie Pattern Available: Ravelry