"Amazing Color!

I am enjoying the depth of color and also appreciate how the yarn is on spools- easy to store, grab and dispense. I also really like how one can order a range of values in the same color!" - Nan

Why produce locally?

We are deeply proud of how we make Array yarn, and the care and attention that goes into each and every batch. We source high quality wool from ranches in the American West, and spin and dye it in small batches in North Carolina. Every batch is carefully checked for color accuracy, and we use the highest quality dyes which won’t bleed or fade. 

In a world of mass production of craft products, we offer something remarkably different—small batch yarn, made slowly with love and attention going into every step along the way. When you invest your time and effort into stitching with Array wool, you're creating a piece that will retain their color and quality for future generations. 

"Array One Touch Is All You Need!

One touch and I knew this was a beautiful yarn. The color range with all those gradients takes this yarn over the top."

- Kate

Why is the yarn on tubes?

Many types of yarn for cross stitch and embroidery are sold on skeins of 12-18 yards. The skeins can get tangled as you un-strand the yarn, and you risk running out in the middle of your project.

We do things differently around here! A tube of Array wool has 210 yards, which is 15 times more yarn than most other options available. As you add to your Array collection with each new project, you’ll have plenty of yarn left over from previous projects to continue working with. 

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