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Exactly What I Needed!

I made a resolution this year to learn to knit. A friend gifted me this kit, and it was perfect! I get overwhelmed starting to learn a new skill, but the step-by-step videos broke it down perfectly. They’re short too, so I could go back and just watch the ones I needed to repeat rather than searching around an hour-long video. I’m halfway done with my third washcloth now, and I can see how much I’ve improved since the first one! I prefer three small projects to one big one, because I can practice starting and finishing a few times before I forget how to do the casting on and off. Plus, it keeps the projects attainable and I don’t get overwhelmed. It’s only March and now I’m already planning all the holiday gifts I can knit for my loved ones! Thank you Zollie!

Michelle Dimas
Approachable, Great Quality, & Fun for Team-Building!

We bought this kit for a team-building activity - we are accountants and none of us are very crafty. We were super impressed with this product! The instructions were really clear, and the instructional videos were super helpful and great quality. They were paced well and it was easy to start and stop as we learned new techniques. The quality of the yarn was great - it did not fray easily and held its shape super well. With other kits I've purchased in the past, I have felt immediately overwhelmed. However, this kit was great quality and made the whole process very approachable. We're excited to keep using this kit and try another one as well!

Rebecca Mezoff
An online course in a box!

I am working on this Marty kit and I was astounded to realize the complete video instruction that comes with it. I felt like I had a whole online course in that box. The videos really make it an amazing product. The tools, yarn, box, and brochure are excellent and the videos put it way over the top. As a maker of online tapestry weaving courses, I can say that these videos are fantastic. There was no searching YouTube for how to make a magic ring. The designer Yan shows you. And she shows you absolutely everything else also. This is an amazing product and I've already bought two of the friendship bracelet boxes for my nieces. I've really enjoyed making Marty!

Beautiful Designs and Detailed Instructions

I love my Zollie embroidery kit! It was so nice to have something to do for just myself at night when my kids were in bed. The instructions were easy to follow and the designs are beautiful!

What an awesome collaboration!

I love The Far Woods, and was thrilled to see this collaboration. Bought this as a gift, and my friend loved it.