A Fun Way to Learn About Color

Palette Scout uses a unique method of repeating shapes around a color wheel to make learning about color easy and fun for everyone.

Plenty of Ways to Play

Whether you’re using the deck to intuitively put together color combinations, following the instruction booklet to learn color theory concepts, or responding to a Challenge Card, there’s no wrong way to play with Palette Scout - just endless opportunities for creativity and learning. 

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stuck in a rut? Get inspired by 180 different colors and shades, limitless color combinations, and Challenge Cards to expand your understanding of color.

Feel Confident in Your Color Choices

Palette Scout lets you experiment with different color palettes so you can plan your next project with confidence! Each color in the deck comes with suggestions about others to pair with it that are grounded in color theory. Create your ideal color palette and then match it to the yarn, thread, or fabric of your choice.


Why pre-order?


Many inventory-based businesses need to take out loans or run up steep credit card debt to fund their growth, but with your support, we turn this model on its head. Through pre-orders, our community lends us the money we need to fund new production runs, and we pay you back with a special discount. With our community as our investors, we are able to focus 100% on creating the quality you are looking for, with the values we share. 

Is Palette Scout for kids or adults?


Palette Scout is for anyone 8+ looking to explore color. We think it's a great tool for kids and adults alike.

I want to order a Zollie kit too - will it ship now, or when Palette Scout is ready?


Your entire order will ship when Palette Scout is ready to ship. If you need something sooner, please place a separate order.

Do I have to take the Color Theory 101 course to be able to use Palette Scout?


Nope! Palette Scout comes with an instruction booklet and is easy to use all by itself. Our Color Theory 101 course is for people who want to learn more deeply about color theory.

Is Palette Scout available for wholesale?


Yes! Please reach out to wholesale@zolliemakes.com for more information.

Join the Fun!